We are proud to have earned the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Environmental Stewardship Certification for our continuing use of environmentally conscious business practices, including:

Air Quality: R.D. Henry & Company uses low formaldehyde emitting raw materials to minimize hazardous air pollutants.

Product Resource Management: R.D. Henry & Company, in conjunction with our business partners, strives to purchase materials which have been recycled, recovered, and recognized through sustainable forestry programs.

Process Resource Management: R.D. Henry & Company participates in active recycling programs and incorporates by-products as alternative energy sources.

Environmental Stewardship: R.D. Henry & Company encourages our employees and business partners to commit to environmental quality and awareness.

Community Relations: R.D. Henry & Company demonstrates community involvement through charitable organizations, schools, and local businesses.

We take environmental responsibility seriously. In addition to using sustainable forest products in the manufacturing plant and performing basic recycling around the plant and office, we have implemented a number of measures to ensure our business practices are as clean and efficient as they can be. Wood scraps are used to heat our building in the winter and to heat the water that dries all of our finishes on our reciprocating sprayers. And we even use a distiller to pull solids out of our paint waste so we can reuse the solvents.

Made in USA

When you buy American-made goods, you elevate your purchase to the status of conversation piece. And every item bought can become a conversation about supporting the jobs of our fellow citizens who made it and the betterment of our local and national economy.

We use sustainable forest products
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Since our founding in 1981, R.D. Henry & Co. has been focused on delivering high-quality, beautiful cabinetry that enhances the heart and soul of homes.


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